I have come across this amazing embroidery design company, called Embird, that specialises specifically in the creation of embroidery patches. They have been around since 1991 with their mission to be the top creators of embroidery patches on the face of the earth and I can assure you that they are certainly up there with the very best. To say the very least, this companies’ designs has taken my breath away and I am very eager to share some of their amazing embroidery designs with you.

Embroidery Patches – The Culture

According to Embird, each and everyone of their patches is not only a work of art, but is also a kind of culture. What captivates me about their amazing embroidery patches is that each and everyone of their embroidery patches seems to tell, what almost feels like an untold story. When looking at their amazing embroidery designs I know exactly what they mean when they say that each of their embroidery patches represents “a kind of culture”.

Embroidery Patches – Captivating The Teenage Market

What teenagers would usually say when they think of embroidery is that it is something that your nan would be doing while watching her favourite soaps on television. And especially when it comes to teenage boys, the last thing they would want to be associated with is embroidery, as that is something they believe is something girls keep themselves busy with and would be way too feminine for them to be associated with.

However, when it comes to embroidered patches teenage boys seems to forget that embroidered patches contains the word embroidery and not only are these embroidered patches incredibly popular amongst teenagers, but is part of their culture as it represents what they associate themselves with in their daily lives.

Although embroidered patches appeals to everyone, I would say without a shadow of a doubt that embroidered patches certainly is the most popular amongst teenagers. Why is that you may ask? Keep reading and look at the amazing embroidery designs I am about to share and you will soon understand.

The Tactical Patch

If you have a teenage boy in the house and you have not heard of Black Ops 4 then you must be sleeping under a rock. Well in this tactical first person shooter game you unlock different weapons, tactical gear, but yes also cammos for your weapons and different badges (aka embroidered patches) that you can add to your clothing or tactical gear.

Teenagers spend a lot of money to buy all these badges, cammos etc. in order to have the coolest looking character in the game. It is just natural that teenagers would like to do likewise in real life and therefore to buy tactical embroidered patches to attach to their clothes.

Besides Black Ops 4, do not forget about paint balling that gives teenagers that satisfaction of simulating what they do on Black Ops 4 in real life. You will also notice that many paintball companies follow Black Ops 4 to a tee and will even try and replicate some of the scenes in Black Ops 4 and this of course will include adding cool looking embroidered patches to their tactical gear.

The Fashion Patch

When I think of the fashion embroidery patch the first thing that comes to mind is the teenage skateboard culture and amongst the slightly older generation, the biker community comes to mind.

Thinking about it a bit more I can also see how the fashion embroidery patch appeals to metal heads and the rock music industry. And do not forget about those with a more artistic streak that likes to embroider their clothes with a variety of embroidery patches that gives expression to their creative artistic side and tells their stories of what their lives are all about, without having to say a word.

Fashion Patch Banner

Glow In The Dark Patch

Now who does not like Marvel and DC comics? Embird created amazing Marvel and DC superhero glow in the dark embroidery patches, which is especially rated as “super cool” amongst the younger generation.

When it comes to the slightly older generation I will not be surprised if these superhero embroidery patches forms part of the fulfillment of fantasies, of should we say,  a more adult kind of nature :)

Glow In Dark Patch

Stand Out From The Crowd

Embroidery patches allows you to stand out from the crowd as you are able to customise your clothing. Nike, Superdry, Hollister etc. mass produce so it comes as no surprise that you and your mates might end up wearing the exact same clothing, especially when shopping from the same local stores.

Being able to customise your clothing with your own embroidery patches of choice will certainly make sure you stand out from the crowd and enable you to customise your clothes according to your own style and personality.


Next time your teenage boy pulls his nose up when seeing you slave away on your unique embroidery designs, then simply show him these amazing embroidery patches from Embird and he will soon change his story; take out some time from playing Black Ops 4 (BO4) and beg you to buy him some super cool and trendy embroidery patches.

Ps. If you also think their designs are incredible or you know of a company that designs even more awesome embroidery patches than they do, then we would surely like to hear from you in the comments section below. Or even better, what about the possibility of Embird designing amazing unique embroidery patches for your embroidery business?

In the near future I will create an article explaining how you can create your own awesome machine embroidery patches at home.


Note that the images on display in this article belongs to https://myembird.com and we do not claim ownership of these embroidery images displayed in this article, nor are we affiliated with https://myembird.com. We simply used their images in this article for the sole purpose of promoting https://myembird.com for no compensation at all, simply because we think their designs are awesome.