Embird embroidery software is native to Windows and for this reason the very best solution to make Embird work on your Mac is to simply install Windows OS on your Mac. There is an alternative that you can try should you not wish to install Windows on your Mac and that will be to install two applications XQuarts and Wine onto your Mac. However this method is hit and miss and is not guaranteed to work and the reason why the recommendation is to install Windows on your Mac instead. However should you wish to give the XQuarts and Wine application method a try, you can access step by step instructions on this method of installation from this page: https://embird.co.uk/download-embird/

How To Use Embird On Mac Via Wine 1

Solution With Parallels And Windows

There are a couple of solutions to run Windows on your Mac and that will be either via Boot Camp or a software called, Parallels. However, for both of these methods you will have to install Windows and you will require an authentic Windows license key. Genuine Windows license keys on the cheap can be obtained from here.  However, firstly we will focus on the solution utilising, Parallels.

Parallels Desktop is available from https://parallels.com

Follow these steps to install Parallels and Windows on your Mac:

1. Buy License of Parallels for your Mac

2. Buy License Key for Windows

3. Download and install Parallels on your Mac

Install Parallels on a Mac

You will be asked to download Windows during the installation process of Parallels.

4. The Parallels icon for Windows will appear on the desktop of  your Mac.

Parallels Icon On Mac Desktop

5. When you tap the Parallels icon, your Mac switches to Windows mode. You can now download, install and use Embird and its related plug-ins just as if you were operating a Windows PC. Do make sure that you download the correct Embird version depending on the operating system you are running. For a 32-bit  operating system you need to download the 32-bit Embird version and the 64-bit Embird version when running a 64-bit operating system.

Embird Shortcut Icons

Solution With Boot Camp And Windows

Boot Camp is a utility that comes with your Mac and allows you to switch between Windows OS and Mac OS. Boot Camp Assistant will walk you through all the instructions step by step in regards to the installation process of Windows on your Mac. The instructions are pretty simple to follow. If you feel that you need more assistance then there are several very good quality videos on YouTube that will show you how to go about setting up Boot Camp on your Mac.

The biggest drawback in regards to Boot Camp is that you will have to choose to either start up your Mac to run the Mac operating system or the Windows operating system. When utilising Parallels however, you can easily switch between Mac and Windows mode by simply clicking the Parallels icon on your Mac desktop.

Once Bootcamp is installed, simply start up your Mac to run the Windows OS and then download and install Embird just as if you were operating a Windows computer.

Where To Find Genuine But Cheap Windows License Keys?

The biggest issue for Mac users wanting to run Windows, is certainly the cost of Windows license keys. At the time of writing this post, the cost of a Windows Pro license key on Microsoft’s website is an eye watering £219.99.

However, there is incredibly good news! You can buy a genuine Windows professional license key from here for only £19.99.

Do keep in mind that the prices stated was at the time of writing and are obviously subject to change.

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