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The UK site is created and run by Schalk Zeeman on behalf of BALARAD, s.r.o. All questions in relation to purchases can be made to

In order to receive better and faster support, please make sure to:

  • Always write your full name (including middle initial), address and transaction number (if you have already purchased our products).
  • Include all previous correspondence when replying to our e-mails.
  • Please do not use multiple e-mail addresses in communication with us.

Software support questions please address to:

Stock designs questions please address to:

If you didn’t receive an answer from us within one working day, please check:

  1. if your mailbox is full and is not receiving e-mails.

  2. if you have written your return address correctly.

  3. if anti-virus barrier, anti-spam filter, e-mail attachments filter or other filter applied by your ISP blocks receiving of normal e-mails.


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