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If downloadable free machine embroidery designs is what you are looking for, you are certainly in the right place. In this article we will cover several websites that offers daily free machine embroidery designs.

Free Embroidery Designs For Commercial Use

If you are planning to sell items with these designs commercially then it is important to read the fine print from the designer before stitching these items. Rules differ from digitiser to digitiser, but in general most designers offer their free designs for you to stitch out and sell in limited quantities. Prior written permission is required for mass production and of course distribution of the design file is always prohibited.

Avoid downloading Disney or other copyrighted designs from designers, especially if you plan to sell them. These embroidery designs are copyrighted and only licensed vendors are able to digitise and sell them.

Best Sites For Downloading Free Machine Embroidery Designs

1) DesignsBySick and Embroidery MachineDesigns

The machine embroidery designs that are offered on these two sites are by the same designer but the layout and user experience is slightly different. When visiting these websites you will see that there are three ways to obtain free machine embroidery designs.

1.1) Daily Free Design

Although not unique, these websites have a very clever way of making sure that machine embroiderers will visit their site over and over again on a daily basis by offering a daily free design. The free design expires by the end of the day, so if you have not visited the website on a particular day it means that you have missed out on a free machine embroidery design. The daily free design is not just random, but is decided through a voting system.

The embroidery design that receives the most votes on the day by website visitors will become the daily free design on offer. The voting system cleverly encourages website visitors to scroll through loads of embroidery designs in order to vote for the embroidery design that the visitors would like to obtain for free.

1.2) Hourly Free Design

In addition to the daily free design there is also an hourly free design on offer. These free designs are chosen at random every hour and is not subject to a voting system, as is the case with the daily free design. Once again this strategy is used to get customers to return to the website on regular intervals in order to encourage more website traffic. This is therefore a win win situation for both the website owner and the website visitor.

1.3) This Hour’s Free Hunt

In order to download the free hourly hunt embroidery design the website visitor must find the set that the embroidery design belongs to. This strategy once again encourages website visitors to scroll around the website and in doing so spend a considerable time on the website. Website visitors finds the hourly hunt quite entertaining and once again it results in a win win situation for both visitor and website owner.

The main difference between DesignsBySick and Embroidery MachineDesigns can be seen when it comes to the paid options. DesignsBySick offers paid memberships or the selling of machine embroidery design sets individually, whereas Embroidery MachineDesigns only focuses on a paid membership system.



Each week you are able to download 3 new free machine embroidery designs from a large selection and can specify a wishlist of designs to download in future weeks. If you make a $35 purchase, you will be entitled to 6 free designs per week.  A $75 purchase earns you 9 free downloads.

Designs have a review system where you can see how other embroidery artists rated the embroidery design. There is also a section for user comments. In addition to free embroidery designs there are also paid designs and the option to buy embroidery supplies such as software, threads etc.

3) Oregon Patchworks

Oregon Patchworks is a website that offers free and paid designs from a variety of designers. The free designs are samplers from each designer so you can get an idea of work quality.

If you decide to buy designs from them, it will unlock even more free embroidery machine patterns. The download of the free samplers are limited to 10 every 24 hours. They also offer a members-only area which offers even more free designs, but you can only access these after subscribing to their newsletter. However, subscribing to their newsletter will also grant you access to their Free Friday embroidery download.


If free machine embroidery designs is your only priority, then you will absolutely love this website. They offer unlimited downloads of free embroidery designs at any time, and their selection is extensive. Furthermore, there is no obligation to create an account or to provide any personal information.

Should you decide to make a purchase you will receive additional free designs with your purchase. Most designs include a thread color chart, too. Popular designs will have several reviews, so this will allow you to judge the quality of the designs before making your selection.

5) Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica has an expanding collection of free designs. If you subscribe to their email list they will send you a free design each week.

The designs all come with a commercial license, which is great if you have selling in mind. They also offer the option to subscribe to an unlimited account which will give you access to all of their 10 000+ embroidery designs. The great news is that you can also cancel your monthly subscription at any time.

Free Machine Embroidery Designs By Some Big Embroidery Companies

Singer Official Website

If you own a Singer sewing or embroidery machine you will be granted access to free machine embroidery designs directly from their website. These files however are quite limited and only available in Singer machine file formats. If you would like to use these designs with a different machine to Singer then it is possible to convert the files through utilising embroidery software or an online converter.

Brother Official Website

If you subscribe to Brother you will be granted access to their library of free sewing and embroidery designs. Currently Brother offers around 350 free .pes files but they are ever expanding.

If you require the files in a different format you can always use embroidery software or online converters to change the file format so it suits your requirements.

Below you can see a typical machine embroidery set

Free Machine Embroidery Design Set

We are aware that the websites listed of where free machine embroidery designs can be obtained is certainly not an extensive list. If you are aware of any other websites worth visiting, then please feel free to share with us in the comments section below.

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