Download Embird Embroidery Software

For Windows 10 and previous

Embird is modular software, which means that you can choose which modules to buy. Installation file contains main Embird program and all plugin modules (Iconizer, Digitizing Tools, Sfumato Stitch, Cross Stitch, Font Engine, pre-digitized Alphabets) for convenient download and installation, but only registered/purchased items are activated. To activate, each module needs its own password. Otherwise, module runs in demo mode.

There is no difference between downloading the demo and the full version, they are the same files. An unregistered user is able to use the Embird demo only for 30 days or a 100 runs and after this period the program expires. Demo versions of plug-ins do also have other limitations. Registered users do not have these limitations.

If you wish to have full functionality, registered codes can be obtained here and will be delivered to you via email within 72 hours from purchase.

NOTE: Although the installation video shows how to install Embird 2018, there is no difference in the process of installing Embird 2019 and Embird 2020.

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Installation, Upgrade and Activation

Previous version of Embird must be uninstalled before installation of new Embird.

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Unblock Downloaded Installation File

In Windows XP and Vista, when you download Embird installation .exe file from the internet, or another computer, it puts a “block” file security attribute on it.

With security attribute turned on, the installation file will not start.

This tutorial explains how to unblock the installation file.

How to download and install Embird in Windows 8?

When downloading and installing Embird in Windows 8, it is necessary to switch to Desktop mode first.

Windows 8 Metro UI mode

It can be done by clicking Desktop icon on start (Metro UI) screen or by pressing Windows key on a hardware keyboard.

Windows 8 Desktop mode

When you are in Desktop mode, use web browser to download Embird installation file and then run it to start installation process.

How to Use Embird for Windows on Mac (OS X) with Wine

This tutorial explains how to use Embird (native Windows application) with Wine on Apple Mac computer. Before installing Embird, it is necessary to install XQuartz application and then to install Wine application. Both of these applications are available free of charge.

Note: Please note, that applications XQuartz and Wine for Apple Mac are not developed nor supported by Embird team. Also, because Embird is natively Windows application, it is not guaranteed that all portions of program run smoothly in Wine on Apple Mac.

1 – Install XQuartz.

2 – Install Wine.

3 – Download installation file of Embird (32-bit) version. Then run this file by selecting it in “Downloads” (Picture No. 1).

Note: Do not download 64-bit version of Embird, it seems that this one does not work with current version of Wine.

1. Run installer of 32-bit Embird

Run installer of 32-bit Embird

4 – Wait until “Wine” finishes its initial setting (Picture No. 2).

2. Wait until “Wine” finishes its initial setting

Wait until

5 – Click “Setup” button in the installer of Embird, which appears on the screen (Picture No. 3).

3. Click “Setup” button


6 – Choose language and select “OK” to continue (Picture No. 4).

4. Choose language

Choose language and select

7 – Read the license agreement and then select option “I accept the terms in the license agreement” and click “Install” button to continue (Picture No. 5).

5. License agreement

Read the license agreement and click

8 – Wait until the installation process is finished (Picture No. 6).

6. Wait until the installation process is finished

Wait until the installation process is finished

9 – Download launch_embird_on_mac_in_wine.exe and use it to launch Embird (Picture No. 7). Click the icon with “red wine glass” in “Downloads” and wait a moment until Wine is launched and Embird starts. (Skip the following step 10 if you use this way of launching Embird.)

7. Download “launch_embird_on_mac_in_wine.exe” and use it to launch Embird


10 – Or, alternatively, from Launchpad launch Wine application (Picture No. 8). To run Embird, Wine requires to type in the following command:

wine “C:\Program Files (x86)\EMBIRD32\EMBIRD.EXE”

Tip: Use Clipboard to transfer this command to Wine. Select the text above, then depress cmd and C simultaneously to copy it to Clipboard. Finally, click Wine and depress cmd and V keys simultaneously to paste it to Wine.

8. Launch Wine from Launchpad and start “embird.exe” manually

Launch Wine from Launchpad and start

11 – Embird running on Mac with Wine (Picture No. 9)

9. Embird running on Mac with Wine

Embird running on Mac with Wine