Although we provide our customers with Embird Manuals, Embird Tutorials and Embird Video Tutorials, that contains all the aspects of how to operate each feature of our Embird Embroidery Software, we still find that our customers in general are looking for a more practical way of mastering all of the aspects of our software. We agree that there is no better way of mastering our Embird Embroidery Software than to become practical by engaging in the completion of embroidery art projects. If you fall in this category, then we may just have the perfect solution for you.

Phil Viljoen, from South Africa, has been one of our Embird teachers for several years and draws his inspiration for embroidery art projects from the natural surroundings of South Africa. The indigenous Khoi San and the wildlife from South Africa, to just mention a few examples, provides the inspiration behind many of Phil’s embroidery art projects.

In this Embird embroidery course, Phil provides you with more than 230 hours of Embird Software training. In this embroidery course, Phil allows you to look over his shoulder and by doing so enables you to master each aspect of Embird, whilst working on several embroidery art projects.

Below Are A Couple Of Examples Of The Type Of Projects You Will Be Working On .....

Embird Sfumato Advanced Training
Embird Leopard Digitizing

Some Benefits Of Phil’s Training Videos In Your Embird Learning Curve

  • The teacher can be stopped at any point, Pause And Replay

  • Your teacher is 24/7 available on your PC/laptop just for you

If embroidery art from Africa is up your stream, then this is certainly the perfect course for you to learn and master all the features that Embird has to offer. The best of it all is that you can purchase all 230 Embird training videos worth more than 230 Embird Software training hours for only $49.


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