You may use Embird on a single computer, but may transfer it to another computer as long as the other computer is owned by you and as long as it is used on only one computer at a time. You may NOT lend, lease, rent, sub-license or otherwise distribute any portion of Embird. You may not translate, reverse program, disassemble or decompile Embird.

Embird UK is not able to track any transactions that occurred on another website. All enquiries in regards to your purchase should be directed to the Embird distributor you chose to purchase from. You are of course welcome to buy from Embird UK in the future e.g. when upgrading Embird license keys etc. and then of course we will be able to track transactions and able to ensure that your license keys are safely delivered.

The latest version of Embird will always be available  to download here:

The older files of Embird can be accessed at the bottom of this page: Please note that the oldest version of Embird is now Embird 2017. All other versions of Embird prior to the 2017 version has now been discontinued. If you own an Embird version prior to 2017 you are able to upgrade to Embird 2017 free of charge. The same license key you used for your Embird version prior to 2017 should work just fine for the Embird version 2017. 

Should you wish to upgrade, you can upgrade here:   Should you need any software support, please contact [email protected]

First off it is important to know that currently Embird is natively created for Windows and as such it is best to run Windows on your Mac either via Bootcamp or Parallels. This may change in the near future as we are busy developing Embird to work natively on Mac, Android etc.
There is an alternative method you can attempt by installing an application on your Mac called Wine, but it may not always work, especially with new Mac updates in mind etc. It is however an option you can attempt, but simply installing Windows on Mac via Bootcamp or Parallels Desktop is certainly the most reliable way of running Embird on a Mac atm. There are no special Mac files to download for Embird. The Embird download files can be found here:
You will also see at the bottom of the download page there are explanations on how to install Embird on a Mac via Wine, Bootcamp or Parallels.
However, here is the article we recommend in this regard:

The PIN code is intended for one time use, so that the same PIN is not working, even for the second installation of Embird. But there are other ways of transferring the registration password into Embird – saving of the file PASSWORD.KLC into the folder in which Embird is installed, transfer of the password string by the clipboard into Embird and a very convenient way is the following: You will copy our complete email with the password included in clipboard and then you will open Embird. All these ways  are described in our registration email. Alternatively you may also ask us for the generation of a new PIN .

We can also transfer the password into the customer’s Embird via our website.
If you would like to receive your password via this way, open Embird, which should generate and
send a check file.

To send the check file of Embird, please do the following:

1 – Open Embird and hit the button with the red key icon. The list of the Installed Plug-ins will be displayed.

2 – Press Ctrl and Alt keys on your keyboard simultaneously and hit the button OK on the list of the Installed Plug-ins with the left mouse button. Your mailer will open with the prepared email for us.

3 – If this action is not successful (mailer will not open), please click “Copy to Clipboard” button in the message window, open your mailer manually and paste clipboard (press Ctrl + V keys simultaneously) into mail.

4 – Send this email to us.

We certainly do. You can find more information about our custom embroidery service here:

Ps. Please note that this custom Embird embroidery service is exclusive to Embird UK, so please only contact [email protected] in regards to this particular custom embroidery service.

We certainly do. We have on offer a live training course in Sfumato Stitch, which can be accessed here:  If you have any specific Embird training request, then you are welcome to contact us at [email protected] and we will point you in the right direction. We have several Embird teachers that we can connect you with.

Yes, we certainly do. Please navigate to this link for more information:

If you are an embroidery business that requires multiple Embird license keys, then please do get in touch, as we may be able to make you a special offer.

We certainly do. You can navigate to this page for more information:

Alternatively you can just buy it like you will normally do but then please get in touch with us via our WebChat or email so we can register the license key in your loved ones name instead of  in yours. By default we will always register it in the name of the person that made the purchase, unless we are informed otherwise.

Save the PASSWORD file from the attachment of the Embird registration e-mail into the folder, where the Embird application is installed (typically it is C:\Program Files\EMBIRD32 folder or C:\EMBIRD32 folder). Then run Embird and check whether your name is displayed in the blue bar at the top of the Manager window (in the application title).

Run Embird. When Embird starts, it will warn you that your copy is not registered and that it is going to expire in 30 days. Then it will ask you if you want to register right now. Choose “Yes” and type your password into the box that appears on the screen. Another way of invoking the registration box is to select “Registration” command from “Help” menu. This will display a window containing the box where you can type in the password. Press “OK” button when you are finished with entering the password. If you have entered the correct password, Embird will start and you will see your name in the blue bar at the top of window (in the application title).

Run Embird and click “Editor” menu to switch to Editor window. Then select “Insert -> Text” menu. The “Insert Text” dialog box will appear on the screen. Choose the appropriate Alphabet in the “Plug-ins:” box. Then, in case this alphabet is not registered yet, it will ask you for the plug-in registration number. Type in your number and click the “OK” button. You will see that all characters are enabled now, whereas in unregistered plug-in only the A, B and C characters are enabled.

Yes, Embird can be used without an internet connection. However, you do need an internet connection to register the Embird embroidery software. Once Embird is registered you are able to use Embird without an internet connection.

Unfortunately the demo version of Embird does not enable you to save your created designs. Neither is it possible to buy a license key with the idea that after registering the software you will now be able to save the work that you created in the demo version. The reason is that you will have to exit the software completely in order to register the software, hence your created design will not be accessible anymore.

You can test the compatibility of your embroidery machine with Embird by utilising our free designs which are available in the Embird folder named, “FILES”. Please click on the link to read more about the Embird demo limitations:

You can find more information in this regard from the following link: