Some might be pardoned for thinking that hand embroidery is a dying art now that we have modern embroidery machinery to help us create amazing embroidery designs. In fact, this cannot be further from the truth as there are still many, especially your hardcore artists, that believe that hand embroidery is a real modern art and the creativity of the individual expressed through art should not be influenced by the intervention of modern embroidery machines.

Hand embroidery has been passed on from generation to generation long before the existence of modern embroidery machines and up to this day is still passed on from generation to generation. Hand embroidery is hold dear by those taught this art by perhaps a mother or grandmother that might not be alive anymore, and therefore for many hand embroiderers, there is an emotional and sentimental attachment to hand embroidery.

How Do I Know If Hand Embroidery Is For Me?

The problem we face when we want to experiment with something new is often the cost involved. When it comes to experimenting with hand embroidery, luckily you get to save on the astronomical cost of a modern embroidery machine. However, when you start off with something new you surely need someone to teach you how to do it properly, but unfortunately paying for embroidery training can be quite costly, and if you then realise hand embroidery is not for you, then all of that money invested goes to waste.

This is the reason why I am offering you the opportunity to a free modern hand embroidery course presented by two very passionate artists in their own right, Charles and Elin.  Combined they have more than 250k followers on Instagram.

Meet Your Hand Embroidery Teachers

Charles and Elin are French/Swedish married embroidery artists with a passion to share art and love with the world.

Charles Henry comes from a rigid Fine Arts background where he studied drawing at Beaux Arts de Paris and  has years of experience as a fashion photographer.

Elin on the other hand is a self-taught creative that utilised all her spare time experimenting with drawing, threads and needle. Although Elin ended up with a B.A in politics, philosophy and economics, her initial dream of studying art is what pulled her to the French capital of Paris.

Charles and Elin’s journey together started in a rooftop studio in Paris. They quickly gained traction for their embroidered artworks on Instagram (+250k) as and @_charles_henry, and began to share their techniques via workshops in Parisians cafes.

Today they have trained more than a 1000 students through in person workshops and online courses.

Going Knots! – Your Free Embroidery Course

Do you have the desire to learn hand embroidery but have no idea where to start?

This free hand embroidery course offers you the opportunity to go knots with thread and needle without having to spend a penny before you know whether hand embroidery is for you or not.

Avoid spending endless amount of hours browsing for tutorials that is not very helpful or buy expensive embroidery materials without knowing how to use them.

“Going Knots” contains all the information you need to get started on your embroidery journey successfully:

  • Video stitch guide of the most embroidery used techniques

  • Video for material and transfer recommendations

  • Inspiring FREE embroidery pattern of Rue Galande in Paris and more ….

Going Knots – Free Course Curriculum Content


Frequently Asked Questions

The “Go Knots” embroidery library that contains all the training you need to get started, starts immediately and never ends. This means that there is no rush – you have full control over your embroidery training journey. The valuable information contained within this free training module will give you a huge head start when pursuing your next hand embroidery project.

How does lifetime access sound to you? You will also gain access to updates and new content added to the “Go Knots” embroidery library, free of charge.

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