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Embird UK is just one of many international distributors of Embird embroidery software with the aim to provide embroidery computerised software solutions to the home user, industrial user, as well as the embroidery entrepreneur. Our products are aimed at the global market and we have thousands of highly satisfied customers all over the world.


With the rapid development of embroidery machine technology we identified the need for embroidery computerised software to seemlessly integrate with the most advanced embroidery machines.


The machine-independent modular software for computerised embroidery has been developed by Dusan Balara and is registered under the trademark Balarad, s.r.o since 1997. Balarad, s.r.o is registered in the Companies Register, Slovak Republic, Ministry of Justice.


We realised that to have creative embroidery ideas is simply not enough if it is a daunting task to bring your unique embroidery ideas to realisation. Our goal is to simplify the embroidery process providing you with all the tools you would ever need to bring your amazing embroidery designs to life.

If you ever need a hand, or have any questions, feel free to leave them below in the comments section on this page and we will be more than happy to assist you. Your questions here might also be relevant and helpful to others, and the reason we encourage you to ask your questions publicly. However, if you would like to communicate more privately, then feel free to use the “contact us” button below or communicate with us via our WebChat feature.

We wish you all the very best of success with your amazing embroidery designs and we would like to encourage you to share your designs created with our Embird Software on our TikTok, Pinterest and Instagram accounts, which will be a great testimony to us and will lead to more exposure for yourself and your embroidery business.

If you are interested to share your amazing embroidery designs on our Pinterest, then simply comment below providing us with your Pinterest account and the pins you would like us to share or alternatively send us an email. If you would like us to share your amazing embroidery designs on our Instagram, then simply send us an email with your embroidery image or video attached and the same goes for TikTok.

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Schalk Zeeman (Creator of embird.co.uk and authorised Embird dealer)


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