Freehand Machine Embroidery, also known as free-motion embroidery, is a highly versatile, yet simple way to draw with your sewing machine. Despite it being simple, it can be loads of fun, allows for creativity and can be highly addictive.

In this FREE Udemy course, Meredith Woolnough provides you with a basic introduction to the freehand machine embroidery technique. She will introduce you to the various tools and knowledge you will need to test the technique on your sewing machine, whatever type of machine that may be.

The course includes 60 minutes of instructional videos and a BONUS ‘Stitched garden’ project to help you put your new embroidery skills to the test.

Who should take this course:

  • Students who are completely new to machine embroidery
  • Students who are already familiar with machine embroidery but want to take it to the next level and move away from pre-programmed machine embroidery designs
  • Students who want to explore a completely new way to draw and create

Required Supplies

Here is a list of the tools and materials you will need to complete this course. The specifics of these tools and materials will be discussed further in the course videos.


  • A domestic sewing machine (with the capability to turn the feet teeth off)
  • A freehand embroidery foot or darning foot for your sewing machine (see the images in the course materials for some examples)
  • Spare sewing machine needles (sharps or jeans needles recommended)
  • Bobbins suited to your machine
  • A small embroidery hoop (15 – 25cm is good)
  • Embroidery scissors


  • Squares of fabric to fit your embroidery hoop. Plain-woven cotton fabric recommended eg. Calico, lawn, quilting fabric.
  • Standard sewing thread in a colour of your choice

Where can I buy the required supplies?

For the USA we recommend Sewingmachinesplus and for the UK Lovecrafts. There are of course many other alternatives. Unfortunately, but understandably so, we cannot provide a recommendation for all of our global visitors/customers.