Creating your own embroidery designs is where embroidery as an art form becomes really interesting, as this is where the full extent of your creativity and potential as an embroidery artist can be explored.

Although the above description may sound very advanced, this course was designed with all levels, even beginners in mind.

When it comes to creating your own embroidery designs there are two routes that can be explored. It can either be creating your own embroidery designs digitally utilising computerised embroidery software to be embroidered utilising an embroidery machine, or it can be the creation of your own embroidery designs in the form of hand embroidery, which is a lot more hands-on and may require some drawing skills.

In future we will explore creating your own embroidery designs digitally utilising computerised embroidery software, but this particular course is aimed at creating your own embroidery designs through hand embroidery.

The Aim Of The Course

In this course you will learn the skills to create your own unique designs and make your mark in the fibre arts. By the end of this course you will have a thorough understanding of how stitch techniques, colours, composition, perspective and proportion create any embroidery pattern you can imagine. In this course you will also be shown concrete tips and tools of how you can compose unique patterns without the need for advanced drawing skills.



Course Content


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Elin Petronella

Elin is passionate to create with her hands and this is what drew her to the capital of France. She began to share her embroidery journey on Instagram in 2016. Her work got a lot of traction very quickly which allowed her to dive full-time into the world of artistry.

Elin has since, together with her husband Charles, hosted embroidery courses all over Europe. Since the beginning of 2018 they have released their first online course enrolling hundreds of students from all over the world.

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