Clothes embroidery is the perfect way of personalising your clothes and in doing so you are able to customise your clothes to suit your identity and culture. It is very possible that you may have the exact same jumper than some of your friends due to the fact that clothing stores mass produce. This is where clothes embroidery allows you to make the clothes you wear unique, and if you are an artist, what a better way to brand yourself  and advertise your skills than wearing your own unique creations.

Clothes Embroidery Through Modern Hand Embroidery

In this clothes embroidery masterclass course the focus is specific on the personalisation of clothes through modern hand embroidery. You may already have envisioned exactly what it is you would like to create, but may not have the necessary tools or know how of how to bring your vision into realisation. This is exactly where this hands-on video course comes into play.

The Course Includes:

  • 7 modules with step by step video tutorials

  • Different transfer options for a variety of clothes

  • Stitch techniques for varying types of fabrics

  • How to embroider on knitwear

  • How to make your own embroidery patch

  • And more …..

If you are struggling to come up with a personal design for the time being, the course includes 24 unique patch-patterns to get you started today.


Course Content


Meet Your Course Instructor

Elin Petronella Profile Pic

Elin Petronella

Elin is passionate to create with her hands and this is what drew her to the capital of France. She began to share her embroidery journey on Instagram in 2016. Her work got a lot of traction very quickly which allowed her to dive full-time into the world of artistry.

Elin has since, together with her husband Charles, hosted embroidery courses all over Europe. Since the beginning of 2018 they have released their first online course enrolling hundreds of students from all over the world.

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