Do you have a rare talent? Are you able to create amazing embroidery designs, but you simply do not know how to get the world to see your amazing embroidery designs?

Well what if I was to tell you that Embird would absolutely love to share your amazing embroidery designs created through utilising our computerised embroidery software. Not only will it be immensely beneficial to you having Embird marketing your amazing embroidery designs for you, but it will also be beneficial to us to showcase amazing embroidery designs, that you the community created through the utilisation of our embroidery software.

Who Can Market Their Embroidery Designs Through Embird?

We welcome anyone that would like to share their amazing embroidery designs with the world whether you are a professional business delivering embroidery designs for clients or simply a stay at home mum that loves to do embroidery as a hobby at home. The only condition attached is that the designs you would like us to share must be created through the utilisation of our Embird embroidery software.

How Will Embird Share My Embroidery Designs And How Will This Benefit Me?

The content Embird UK is happy to share can be in the form of either video content or images. When it comes to Pinterest this will be very easy as you can simply tell us which pins from which particular Pinterest boards you would like us to share/re-pin on our Pinterest account.

When it comes to Instagram you can very simply email us your video content or images you would like us to share on our Instagram account. You can brand your videos or images with your url as long as it is quite small and discrete e.g. in the bottom corner.

I think it is quite self explanatory from the above mentioned how this collaboration will immensely benefit both yourselves and Embird UK.

Is It Even Worth Advertising On Pinterest And Instagram?

The answer is an absolute resounding yes and if you do not already do so you are missing out on tons of traffic to your business and tons of sales. On doing some research on the statistics of how many active users on Instagram and Pinterest actually make buying decisions based on businesses they interact with on these social media platforms was an absolute eye opener and so it should be to you too. See for yourself by looking at the statistics below that comes directly from Pinterest and Instagram. Some absolute jaw dropping figures.

Instagram 2019 Active User Statistics

Are There Any Specific Image And Video Dimension Requirements For Pinterest And Instagram?

It will of course be in your and our interest to ensure that the posts submitted to Pinterest and Instagram testifies of the highest possible quality and therefore it is important to take note of the optimal image and video dimensions for posting on Pinterest and Instagram. A very easy Google search for the optimal dimensions for posting on Pinterest and Instagram will reveal the information you require in order to provide Embird UK with the highest quality of your amazing embroidery designs to share on our social media.

Is It Really Worth Sharing My Amazing Embroidery Designs On Embird UK’S Social Media?

Embird UK only very recently made the decision to start marketing on Pinterest and Instagram and the inspiration behind this post as we are  aiming to gain momentum on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest very quickly. So currently we might not have a major following on Pinterest and Instagram as yet, but this is soon due to change and will certainly start skyrocketing with your support.

Embird UK Pinterest And Embird UK Instagram Accounts

If you would like to see where your content will be submitted, then you are welcome to have a look at our Pinterest and Instagram Accounts below.

Remember The Video Length Does Matter

Do remember to make sure that the video you provided to be uploaded to Instagram is no longer than 1 minute long. If not, we will not be able to submit your video. If you look at our video to the right you will see that our video just about hits the requirement at a length of 56 seconds. Furthermore your video should  not exceed the file size of 15 mb. The best Instagram video dimensions you should use are 864 pixels (width) by 1080 pixels (height) with an aspect ratio of 4:5. The best Instagram video format is MP4.


Videos and images can be emailed to us at [email protected] and as mentioned before you can simply comment below this post in regards to the name of your Pinterest account and the pins you would like us to share. Alternatively you could email us that information as well, but for the sake of activity on the site the preference would be for you to leave your information in the comments section below. In doing so others might also see your Pinterest information which could potentially lead to more followers for you.

We are very excited to share your amazing embroidery designs with the world and to showcase the capability and creativity of our powerful embroidery computerised software. Therefore do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Feel free to engage with us in the comments section below, whether you would just like to communicate some interest, want to ask questions or whether you would like to share your awesome embroidery designs with us.

If you would like to read more about our vision and goal you can visit our About Us page where there is also plenty of opportunity to interact with us in the comments section below.