How do I upgrade?
Upgrade to Embird 2021 from previous versions of Embird (i.e. from Embird 2019 and older) is a paid upgrade.

Registration New Main Password

Upgrade from version 2019 and older to Embird 2021 is a paid upgrade and a new main registration password is required. Otherwise, the new software runs only in demo mode.

The registration numbers for all plug-ins from previous Embird versions are valid in Embird 2021. However, the plug-ins are not functional until you insert the new main registration password.

In other words, if you are a registered user of previous versions of Embird (version 2019 or older), your plug-in registration numbers for Alphabets, Font Engine, Iconizer, Digitizing Studio, Sfumato Stitch and Cross Stitch will work also in Embird 2021. You only need to pay the upgrade fee for the basic Embird.

  Payment for Upgrade Upgrade

Please purchase the upgrade in our Embird Online Shop. A new registration password will be delivered in an e-mail.


  • Upgrade from Embird 2018 or 2019 to Embird 2021 – £25 Purchase Upgrade
  • Upgrade from Embird 2012 – 2017 to Embird 2021 –£51 Purchase Upgrade
  • Upgrade from Embird 2010 or older to Embird 2021 – £65 Purchase Upgrade

Note: Upgrade prices are available in US dollar too in our Embird Online Shop

   Installation Installation

This is a short overview of installation. If you need more detailed guide, please read Installing Embird tutorial.

Follow these steps to install new Embird:

  1. Download 32-bit or 64-bit installation file of Embird 2021 from download site. Installation file contains all plugin-ins.
  2. Uninstall older Embird.
  3. Install Embird 2021 by running its installation file via “Start > Run” menu.